Shred Hosts

There are from three to seven shred hosts, each totally independent of each other, of the government, and of the formula middleman. Each of these organization must have the capacity to house and protect massive (and continually growing) collections of computer files -- the shred heaps created when files and messages are pryvitized. As with the formula middleman, the mutual independence of these organizations and their perceived integrity are critically important, since each is expected to act as a "trusted third party" to communications.

In contrast to the formula middleman, the shred hosts have a relatively passive role. They receive and store whatever shred heaps arrive at their Internet location. They respond to automated requests from intended recipients for specific shred heaps. A fuller list of responsibilities appears in the protocol.

Problem 1: Balance between citizens' needs for privacy and the nation's needs for terrorist surveillance;

Problem 2: Defense against cyber attack by foreign state-sponsored intruders

Problem 3: Secure transmission of computer data

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